Meet The Team

We’re three potty-mouth marketers with 25+ years of collective experience
and a track record of success.


Greg Melon

I’m a relentlessly optimistic, infinitely adaptable strategist with a passion for all things business. I spend most of my days giving free marketing advice to local businesses, and pouring over new campaign ideas for our clients . Having spent 10+ years in the game, my extensive experience in sales, marketing, and business strategy has helped grow both early and late-stage companies alike--from national security firms and Congressional campaigns, to tech startups and law offices. As a habitual problem-solver I’m a total sucker for seemingly impossible challenges, which is demonstrated by my common uttering, “There’s gotta be a better way.”

I love reading, listening to an absurd amount of music, and taking spontaneous trips abroad. When I’m not chained to my desk, you can usually find me geeking out over the latest Marvel film or getting covered in sawdust at my woodshop.

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Gerry Langan

I'm a storyteller by nature. I make marketing more human, and create content for real people with real passions. I'm known for my creative thinking, strong personality and occasional foul mouth. I'm driven by passion to help businesses reach their full potential, I believe that passion is the essence of what makes great companies, incredible. I have over a decade of experience working closely with top-of-the-line companies that range from local government to small startups. My expertise includes branding, content development, comprehensive marketing strategies and social media management.

I love the underestimated power of words, iced coffee and opinions. When I'm not creating marketing content, I'm the ringleader of a small circus that my husband and I created.

Dell Castillo

With nearly a decade of experience, I’ve been a frequent thought-leader in strategic creativity and design. Whether creating branding initiatives, print and product aesthetics, or even user interfaces, my hands-on approach has allowed me to excel across multiple disciplines. I have firsthand experience crafting complex solutions for a number of different industries including military, technology, financial services and more.

I attended the School of Journalism & Mass Communications at the University of South Carolina, graduating with a degree in Visual Communications.

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More About Us

Based in Houston, Texas, Covert Marketing was started from the need for full-service, no-nonsense marketing. Although plenty of agencies can offer assistance with one-off projects or individual specialties, there’s a striking lack of agencies who can effectively provide the full range of marketing services…and even less who can provide them affordably.

We supercharge your marketing, plain and simple. Whether filling a singular gap in your current marketing efforts, or outsourcing the department entirely, we'll take your business to the next level. 

We're not the type to claim that we employ some "state of the art," overly complex method to accomplish this. As a matter of fact, it's actually quite the opposite: We simply have an expert understanding of marketing fundamentals and their underlying complexities. This critical understanding enables us to apply our unmatched expertise to most businesses and verticals.


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