Marketing Strategy

Successful marketing campaigns start with a sound strategy. Whether forging your company's mission statement, setting annual goals, or crafting brand new campaigns, our subject matter expertise helps to lay a strong foundation. This foundation then enables you to make informed decisions moving forward, and positions your organization for long term success. The fist thing we’ll ask is, "What sets your organization apart?"

 It All Starts with the Core Message

The core message is what defines your brand. It’s the succinct yet descriptive sentence that explains what you do, how it’s different, and why your customers should care. This core message lays the foundation for how you wish to be perceived, and affects nearly every aspect of your brand: Logo design, colors, website layout, writing tone, and more.

If you haven’t already identified a core message, then this is where we’ll be starting when you contact us.

Some Amazing Shit Right Here

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"We brought Covert onboard to help refine our sales process and improve some marketing materials. Greg has gone above and beyond by not only streamlining our entire sales funnel, but also crafting highly creative guerrilla marketing campaigns and improving many of our own internal processes. Covert's contributions have made our company much more efficient, and has put us on track for a record-setting year!"


 3 Steps to Better Marketing

1. Schedule A Call

Talk to one of our experts about your marketing needs and determine if we’re a good fit for you.

2. Craft A Plan

During the call, tell us about your vision for the brand. Even if you don’t hire us, you’ll have the outline to a plan before you hang up.

3. Get Results

Start generating more leads, closing more business, and improving ROI from your marketing.